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Hi to all,
I've just uploaded a new version of the ILSpy Plugin ( May 25, 2018), same announcement has been made on

It bring the following enhancements/corrections :
Correction on Anonymous Methods
Correction : CATCH clause Variable declaration
Support for AUTO keyword in PROPERTY
Added Var declaration in FOR...NEXT
Added Clipper Calling Convention support ( Shown as Comment on top of Method )

As always, you can get the ILSpy Plugin in the Downloads/General/Tools section of the XSharp website,


Conference again....

and in order to check that all the session material is ok, just doing some final tests.

So I need more cafeïn ;)



ILSpy is the open-source .NET assembly browser and decompiler, and as shown during the xBase Future 2018, you can now use ILSpy to view and decompile .NET assembly as XSharp Language.

To do so, first get the ILSpy binaries and unzip them in a folder.

Then get the ILSpy Plugin in the Downloads/General/Tools section of the website, and unzip the DLL in the same folder as the ILSpy Binaries.

Now, when running ISpy, you can set the language as XSharp.

The full source code of the Plugin is available in the public XSharp Repository on Github; you can also view there the current state of developement of the tool ( What is working currently, Changelog, ... )

If you wonder if X# will be able to help you keep your apps running, please have a look at the latest article on the X# Website.

More and more applications are moving to X#with less and less efforts...

I've just created a new category in the Download Area.

You will find there some of my libs rewritten in order to support XSharp "Core" Dialect, which means that you don't need to have any third-party RunTime in order to use them.

I will be a speaker during XBase.Future 2016 in Cologne.

I will talk about the Windows 10 Action center and how to interact with it, and some of the new features in the X# language such as LINQ support, Creating Generics, Switch Statements, Yield Return statements and many more.


I hope to see you there !