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If you wonder if X# will be able to help you keep your apps running, please have a look at the latest article on the X# Website.

More and more applications are moving to X#with less and less efforts...

As I really like XBase languages, I must admit I'm also a C# fan.

If Vulcan.Net was a great step ahead, I've left the DevTeam for several reasons but I consider to still be part of the Community and feel engaged with it.

So, I could not resist to continue the adventures, and I'm now part of the XSharp devteam.


The goal is to deliver a XBase compiler for the .Net platform, and it's tools, to the community for free, as much as possible, but I think the best is that you go to, so you can get all informations and replies of several questions ... how, why, how much...

I will be a speaker during XBase.Future 2016 in Cologne.

I will talk about the Windows 10 Action center and how to interact with it, and some of the new features in the X# language such as LINQ support, Creating Generics, Switch Statements, Yield Return statements and many more.


I hope to see you there !


I'm very pleased to say that I will be present at DevShare 13, in Shrewton (uk)


I will present "what's new" with Vulcan3 in Vs2010 and vs2012...and maybe some news that you may have missed in the latest Vulcan2.

We will also talk about the changes/enhancements from the User-Experience in Visual Studio that you can expect for the next releases.