On September 8, GrafX has release Vulcan.NET 3.03.


It now supports Vs2010, Vs2012 and Vs2013.


Some changes have been made in projects handling, and they should now open faster than previous version.

Intellisens has been enhanced in several ways, and you will also find a better AutoComplete feature, the activation of AutoFormat, ...

Yesterday, Vulcan.NET 3.02 has been released.

Many things have been made to enhance Vulcan and to prepare the future.


Vulcan.NET now support extensions methods, which opens the road to Linq.

Some changes were made inside Intellisense to support C#/VB project inside a Vulcan.NET solution


The next steps will be to support Vs2013 and the FileCodeModel, which will open the road to some other Vs Extension.


At the same time, the new Vulcan Language for Reflector 6 has been released, and Vulcan Language for Reflector 8 is now part of the installation.



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