As you may know, I'm a VO/Vulcan user but I'm also teaching computer sciences/languages in a french technical high school to students that are approx. 20 years old. 

    During their studies, they have a work experience period, a kind of internship, and I'm looking for some computer store, software company/service/web designer/developer, that would accept to receive a french student for 6 weeks starting from September 1rst to October 10th 2008. ( It can also be 7 weeks, so starting from August 25th ) ( As this is a yearly program, the same will be true in 2009, ... )

    As the internship period is between their first and second years of studies, they can't be considered as fully operational but they have basic skills in Java, C#, C++ and Php/MySql and can be helpful in developing some software parts. We have also worked on CMS like Joomla! (the one used for this web site).

    One important point is that they remain students during this period,so they can't get any salary (their receive a small financial help from our board and few euros from the European Union ), and they have to pay by themselves for lunch/accommodation ( but I must admit I may also need you help to find a not-too-expensive accommodation solution, Ok ) : This must be a no-cost operation for you.

If you are interested in, think you can help me on this, have some contact that could be interested, please drop me a email.