I'm pleased to announce my presence at VODC 2008 that will held in Hamburg from November 12 to November 14, 2008.

I will present two sessions :

  • Reflection and Obfuscation :

Presentation of the reflection assembly and basic usage; Presentation of the Vulcan Plugin for Reflector and "how to" retrieve Vulcan code from any .net code and it's limitation; How to protect your code using Obfuscation : presentation of different tools.

  • WMI in the Vulcan World

Presentation of WMI and how to use in C#; Differences in usage with Vulcan.net and samples showing how to control processes running locally and through the network, How to access Network setup using WMI; What other things WMI can do for you....

If you planned to be there, I would be happy to meet you; and if you think that it could be of any interest to receive a french student as an intern, I would be happy to explain you how to works, ....Laughing