Since the lastest VODC where I've talked about FabZip port to Vulcan, many days weeks months have passed....Innocent

It's time now to give you some news :

First, news about Reflector Plugin : A new version is in progress, that will at least include the support of BEGIN NAMESPACE keyword.

Next, about FabVZip : After few troubles the current state of FabVZip include Add/Extract/Delete operations with support of Callback for progression ! It's will exist in two flavour : VO-Compatible and Pure Vulcan.Net but currently I'm focused on VO-Compatiblity.

Unfortunatly, it doesn't support Disk-spanning (Multi-disk) currently....This one will be very huge work !

You can expect a public release for both ( Reflector plugin and FabVZip ) during February 2009.


We are in April and nothing has been's a shame ! Embarassed

Well, FabVZip is build on an external library and I'm waiting for the latest release, before releasing mine....

The Vulcan Plugin is still under development 'cause I'm fighting with namespace dependencies.....

Sorry, I'll have to wait a bit...