XSharp Logo This year, the Cologne conference will be held in 3 days, from 16 to 19 April 2018.


If you look at the Speakers and Sessions, you can see that you will have a great panel of technology, with many .Net topics will be shown, from X#, to the Cloud and .Net Core, Security and more.


I will run two sessions :

. One about .NET Core : What are .NET Framework, UWP, .NET Standards, .NET Core, and where are your applications in all these big names. How X# fits into .NET Core, ...


. One about X# ad the new language features : You are proficient with xBase,  but sometimes it would be good to expand it; You will see how, due to it's basement, X# is a true .NET Companion as C# and VB



I hope to meet you in Cologne !